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Many ancient standing stone monuments were built during the 
prehistoric period, among the most famous being Stonehenge, arrows 
Devil's Rudston Monolith andCastlerigg. With the introduction of 
Ancient Roman architecture was not a development of the basilicas, 
baths, amphitheatres, triumphal arches, villas, Roman temples, Driveways 
Roman, Roman forts, fences andpipelines. It was the Romans 
who founded the first cities and towns such as London, Bath, 
York, Chester and St Albans. Perhaps the best known example is the Wall 
Adriano covering all of northernEngland. Another good example 
is preserved Roman baths in Somerset Bathy. The first 
medieval architecture civilian buildings were simple constructions 
using primarily wood with thatchedroofs. architecture 
Church went from a synthesis of Hiberno-monastic life 
Saxon Early Christian basilica and the architecture is 
by pilasters strips, white arches, shafts and baluster 
head triangularopenings. After the Norman Conquest in 
1066 different castles in England were created for Lords of 
law could maintain its authority and in the north to protect the 
invasion. Some of the bestknown works include medieval castles 
Tower of London, Warwick Castle, Durham Castle and Castle 
Windsor, among others. 
Throughout the period of English Gothic architecture Plantagenet 
flourished asthe medieval cathedrals of Canterbury Cathedral, the 
Westminster Abbey and Yorkminster are prime examples. The 
enlargement of the base was also Norman castles, palaces, great 
homes, collegesand parish churches. architecture 
Medieval completed the 16 th century Tudor, the arc of four 
centered, now known as the Tudor arch, was a defining 
role as the adobe houses and mud in the rootcountry. 
Renaissance, a form of architecture echoing the 
classical antiquity, Christianity appeared synthesized English 
baroque architect Christopher Wren was championed in particular. ...
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