Argumentation readings

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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2010
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Nathaly Flores
August 27, 2010
Argumentation Readings

The first article I read is called: Global Food, Energy and Economic Predictions With 85% Accuracy; written by Joseph LaStella.This article talks specifically about the oil spill that happened many years ago in California and about the most recent one in the Gulf stream. The largest oil spill in the United States was morethan nine million barrels; this took place in California in 1910, and lasted about 18 months. This spill was so large that it formed a lake of oil in which people could paddle boats.According to Lastella, the spill in the Gulf Stream may cause more damages than we all think, I agree with him on this because the Gulf Stream is moving through all of the world’s oceans. In this article,he made some interesting predictions, which ensures that the United States will have no oil in about three years, I think this may happen because we are consuming more every day. I also agree on thefew ways we can help prevent this from happening, such as buying a hybrid car, reducing our speed in highways, and try to conserve more energy in general. I really enjoyed reading this article becauseit was very informative and his points were very well explained.
The second article I read is called Gay Marriage: The arguments and the Motives, written by Scott Bidstrup. In this articlethe author describes some reasons why people oppose to gay marriage. He states that about seventy percent of people in the U.S oppose gay marriage, which is about the same that are supportive. Hedescribes gays as loyal people, monogamous and devoted, which is the opposite of what some people think about them. He says that a benefit of gay marriage is that the commitment of both wouldn’t allowthem to have sex with other people, and apparently spread diseases; I don’t really agree on this because this doesn’t really happen on heterosexual couples. Men and women cheat on their partners for...
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