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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2012
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Melissa Rivera
Take a chance and you profit, no risk issues you have, but always take precautions. In love, do not bind to stories of the past nor the commitment you escape, find the idealbalance. Propose ideas to your partner to have fun together.
Physical and mental fatigue, should take steps to not get to stress. Need outdoors, sports, movement, holidays. Need to wait a littlelonger to solve those little problems that take sleep lately.
Miguel Hinojosa
There will be great chance for reconciliation to couples apart. Horizons of prosperity areemerging in the workplace,improve your profits thanks to a long-awaited promotion. Your health and welfare, will be in perfect harmony.
Very good opportunity presents itself unexpectedly. Strange feeling of beingabandoned. Find those people who always comforting. Tip: You now have a powerful magnet for your in love or to attract one, use it without limitation.
Glenda Lopez
You will have many moments of fun. Thosewho are without a partner may be involved in a relationship problem. It is also an ideal time to rethink your strategies, it is necessary to take charge of what is to come and not delay decisions.Need to renew the feelings, experiences, seek alternatives, out of the ordinary. Get interesting proposals, also evaluate them carefully.
Aylin Flores
Grow more prudence and discipline in yourdealings with people. Otherwise, you risk losing good friends and people who could have helped you, even your constructive criticism. Temperance and commitment are desirable virtues, especially for you.
Agood mood and emotional. Very good time to affirm their relationship, or find one. Today is a day of great power to seduce.

Grecia Cardenas
There is one aspect of your personalitythat tends to irritability and nervousness. Temescompetitiveness, and yet people you're challenged. Because your inner insecurity feel the need to confirm your position constantly. Try to...
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