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hen she had 12th years old,
she always knew that she will
dedicate to God.

other Teresa chose the
name of “Teresa” in honor
of the St. Therese of Lisieux
the patron saint ofmissionaries.

er mission was to help
poor people, ill people, the
most need people, people
without home, etc.

he became anInternational celebrity, she
received the “Nobel Peace
prize”, and more awards for
their efforts for peace.

he fought until
her last days of life.

hen Helen was ababy, she had a illness
that did her deaf-blind.

er governess and best friend
Anne Sullivan, taught to read and
communicate with the others.

elen Keller was first personDeaf-blind who receive the University

he wrote her first book called
“The Story of My Life”, that convert
in a classical play.

elen madecampaigns to do better
the quality of life of the blind people.

elen won with the Presidential medal of
the friendship and was selected like the
woman of the “Fame’s Room”

artin Luthersince
childhood he lived discriminated
by their color.

artin organized the Poor
People's Campaign, to fought with
the poverty not only of the black
people, including mexicans,puerto ricans, and the poor white
He did strikes against racism.

e was imprisoned to
protect racial discrimination.

artin obtained Nobel Peace Prize, because he finished the racialdiscrimination.

artin Luther was murdered in the balcony
of Lorraine Motel in Memphis, by James earl Ray.

andela was 27 years
in prison by sabotage.

andela achieve a multiracialdemocracy in Sudafrica.
He was the black leader more
important of Sudafrica.
He became a symbol of the fight against apartheid inside and outside of the country.

andela received more than 250...
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