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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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Howards End
Howards End is a novel that was written by the writer E.M. Forster, this novel was published in the year of 1910. This novel is about two different families, I mean different because theboth belong to different social classes. The main theme of the whole story or novel is the relationship between members of different classes.
This novel describes different problems that socialclasses have. Firstly it describe that the Wilcox family, which is a rich one, were materialistic people, otherwise it is described Margaret’s family. Both families were totally different because of theway of living, and because of the money.
Margaret and Helen are sisters, and in this novel they belong to the middle level of the English social classes. These sisters are characterized because oftheir intelligence in the subjects of art and literature; they both appreciate those two things. In the other side of the novel, we have the Wilcox family which represent the higher level class, thisfamily is center in financial things, they do not care about anything else. But their life was just about to change when Helen Schlegel arrives Howard End. I am able to say this, because she causes agreat contradiction to the social classes, when she met the younger Wilcox son, named Paul.
This novel is actually about a middle level class character and the love this character has. In other wordsthe problem begins when Helen met Paul, because at that moment she fell in love with him, the big deal of all this romantic thing, was that the belong to different classes, maybe they were never meantto be together. Because they were totally different socially talking.
Both families believe in different things, the Wilcox family only was thinking about financial things, and the Schlegel familycares only about intellectual things. But the connection that these two characters had might be the change of all the things that the social classes separate, they both will complete each other,...
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