Atomic crossword puzzle - crucigrama de atomo en inglés

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Student; Maricruz Santoyo and Ulises Santoyo

Block: 4th

Across clues1. Unit basic of matter.

2. Equal to the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom.

3. Name of the atom when it gains a electron in the final orbit.

4.Determined that the material consisted of two parts, one negative and n one positive.

5. Atoms that have the sameatomic number but different mass number.

6. Father of modern chemistry.

7. Coined the term “Atoms”.

8. Gave the explanation of the hydrogen emission spectrum.

9.Name of the atom that gives or loses electrons.

10. An electrically charged particle formed by an atom or molecule is not electrically e e neutral.

11. Precursor of theperiodic table.

12. To classify and organize the chemical elements according to their properties and c characteristics.

Down Clues

13. Occupies mostof the atom's nucleus.

14. Sodium Chloride.

15. The smallest particle that has all the physical and chemical properties of a substance.

16. Subatomic particle with a positiveelementary electric charge.

17. Proposed that electrons would move in orbits around the nucleus. n

18. Center of an atom.

19. Concluded that thesubstances are composed of identical spherical atoms for each e element, but different from one element to another.

20. Number of protons contained in the atomic nucleus.

21.Science that studies the composition, structure and properties of matter.

22. Surrounds the nucleus of an atom.

23. Subatomic particle with no electric charge.

24. H2O...
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