Attack skills

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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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Word Attack Skills
Sometimes people learning a foreign language can present some problems in understanding, comprehending, interpret words that they see in their text books. Trying to see thismatter closely, people can take a look in the following problems: Dictionaries and informants, words with several meanings and structural clues: morphology. Readers most pay attention how they read andlook for strategies that helps them to get the meaning of the text they are reading, but been careful to get the correct meaning, meaning that the writer is trying to give.
For readers looking at thedictionaries are a relief to know the translation or the meaning of the word, students turn to dictionary to many times, every new word that they see, they want to know the meaning by looking at thedictionary they do not try to interpret the words by themselves. If students keep looking the words in the dictionary their reading will not be effective because every time that they are reading andthey stop to look for the meaning of the word, they lose the concentration on their reading, they get distracted. Students get to know words through assimilation after some encounter with the words incontext. The most important thing in the vocabulary development is to use the words properly.
There are also any other problems related with words, like words with different meanings, mostly thisunexpected misunderstanding occur depending in the context that they are used. Teachers should give students, specific practice by asking them to read

sentences containing word with meanings thatthey are familiar with. Also teacher can ask students to read text, like; newspapers, magazines, so that they can look for familiar words that are been use in unfamiliar ways to them. In this case theycan use the dictionary to look for the appropriate meaning they want to give to the word according to the context they want to use it. In that way they will understand that there is technical...
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