Australian endangered animals

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Australian endangered animals
In the past 200 years about 17 different Australian mammals have become extinct. Many more mammals and other animals are in danger of dying out. Australia has moreendangered species than any other continent.
Some reasons for animals becoming endangered:
Some Australian animals depend on a specific food or habitat, and if these disappear, the animals will notsurvive.
Many native animals are killed by introduced predators such as cats, dogs and foxes.
Other introduced animals such as cattle, rabbits and deer eat the food needed by native animals and thishas also reduced the numbers.
Animals such as cattle and sheep often crush the burrows of small native animals.
Loss of habitat is also another major cause of the reduction of native animalnumbers.
Some examples
Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger
Lesser bilby
Leadbeater's possum
Eastern Barred Bandicoot
Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo
Australian sea-lion

is probably extinct,though people stll search for it.
They were marsupials. They were hunted and killed by people who thought the thylacine would kill their chickens and sheep.

The last known thylacine died inHobart Zoo on 7th September 1936. This day is now known as Threatened Species Day.

The has not been sighted since the 1960s, and is probably extinct. Its relative, the Greater Bilby is now endangered.Once common in central Australian desert areas, the numbers have been reduced by fire and foxes and its habitat affected by grazing cattle and rabbits.

The numbat is endangered because of habitatloss and foxes. Once common across the southern part of the continent, it is now only found in a few forests in southwest Western Australia.

Leadbeater's possum was not seen after 1909 and wasthought to be extinct, but the possums were found again in 1961. They are endangered, and are only found in the Victorian central highlands, in old forest areas that are being logged. The animals nest in...