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Program Parameters File For AutoCAD 2011
; External Command and Command Alias Definitions
; Copyright (C) 1997-2010 by Autodesk, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
; Each time you open a new or existing drawing, AutoCAD searches
; the support path and reads the first acad.pgp file that it finds.
; -- External Commands --
; While AutoCAD is running, you can invoke other programs or utilities; such Windows system commands, utilities, and applications.
; You define external commands by specifying a command name to be used
; from the AutoCAD command prompt and an executable command string
; that is passed to the operating system.

; -- Command Aliases --
; The Command Aliases section of this file provides default settings for
; AutoCAD command shortcuts. Note: It isnot recommended that you directly
; modify this section of the PGP file., as any changes you make to this section of the
; file will not migrate successfully if you upgrade your AutoCAD to a
; newer version. Instead, make changes to the new
; User Defined Command Aliases
; section towards the end of this file.
; -- User Defined Command Aliases --
; You can abbreviate frequentlyused AutoCAD commands by defining
; aliases for them in the User Defined Command Aliases section of acad.pgp.
; You can create a command alias for any AutoCAD command,
; device driver command, or external command.
; Recommendation: back up this file before editing it. To ensure that
; any changes you make to PGP settings can successfully be migrated
; when you upgrade to the nextversion of AutoCAD, it is suggested that
; you make any changes to the default settings in the User Defined Command
; Aliases section at the end of this file.
; External command format:
; ,[],,[*],

; The bits of the bit flag have the following meanings:
; Bit 1: if set, don't wait for the application to finish
; Bit 2: if set, run the application minimized
; Bit 4: if set, run theapplication "hidden"
; Bit 8: if set, put the argument string in quotes
; Fill the "bit flag" field with the sum of the desired bits.
; Bits 2 and 4 are mutually exclusive; if both are specified, only
; the 2 bit is used. The most useful values are likely to be 0
; (start the application and wait for it to finish), 1 (start the
; application and don't wait), 3 (minimize and don'twait), and 5
; (hide and don't wait). Values of 2 and 4 should normally be avoided,
; as they make AutoCAD unavailable until the application has completed.
; Bit 8 allows commands like DEL to work properly with filenames that
; have spaces such as "long filename.dwg". Note that this will interfere
; with passing space delimited lists of file names to these same commands.
; If youprefer multiplefile support to using long file names, turn off
; the "8" bit in those commands.
; Examples of external commands for command windows
DEL, DEL, 8,File to delete: ,
DIR, DIR, 8,File specification: ,
SH, , 1,*OS Command: ,
SHELL, , 1,*OS Command: ,
START, START, 1,*Application to start: ,TYPE, TYPE, 8,File to list: ,
; Examples of external commands for Windows
; See also the (STARTAPP) AutoLISP function for an alternative method.
NOTEPAD, START NOTEPAD, 1,*File to edit: ,
; Command alias format:
; ,*

; The following are guidelines for creating new command aliases.
; 1. An alias shouldreduce a command by at least two characters.
; Commands with a control key equivalent, status bar button,
; or function key do not require a command alias.
; Examples: Control N, O, P, and S for New, Open, Print, Save.
; 2. Try the first character of the command, then try the first two,
; then the first three.
; 3. Once an alias is defined, add suffixes for related...
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