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* Watch the first video as a manner of introduction to the main topic.
* VIDEO 2: Questions
* Why do students think that SPEAKING TO A GROUPis #1 in list of fears?
* Why do we fear speaking?
* The video mentions a 1st step: What is it? What elements are mentioned? What is the #1 priority?
* What happens when you areuncomfortable?
* Why presentations fail?
* People associate EYE CONTACT with something: What is it? Why do you think that is? Do you agree with that statement? Why? Why not?
* Whenthe presenter says: LEARN TO STOP TALKING, LET PEOPLE DIGEST WHAT YOU SAID… What does he mean with that? Have you ever been in a situation like that? How do you feel?
* He refers to somethingas THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. What is it? Why do you think that is?
* When he talks about Body Language, he says that some people can break the rules. Why does he say that? Do you agree withthat?
* Discuss what the speaker says about the following:
* Hands in pocket.
* Gestures.
* Podiums.
* Effective Content.
* How you should endyour presentation.
* VIDEO 3: Questions
* The presenter says that there is not one perfect way to start a presentation. Do you agree with this statement? Why? Why not?
* He mentionssome things you SHOULDN’T do. What are they? Why do you think that is?
* What does the speaker mean when he says: TALK ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE NEEDS.
* How can you personalize a speech orpresentation? Why is it important?
* VIDEO 4: Questions
* The speaker says THIS is the hardest part of any presentation. Which one is it? Why do think that is? Has this ever happened toyou?
* The speaker mentions 3 questions you should ask yourself when preparing a presentation. What are they?
* The speaker also mentions putting together a list of what you want to...
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