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Adriana Gonzalez
Ballroom Dance
Prof. Biver-Newcomb
February 15, 2011
There are some many different types of dances developed in the world. Each of them is beautiful and expressful.
Salsa is a modern ballroom dance of Latin America, which is danced in pairs or groups. Salsa is the dance created by people speaking Caribbean salsa. The salsa mixes influences from Africanand European dance through the merger of the following dances: son, guaguanco, rumba, boogaloo, pachanga, guaracha, full, bomba.


The basic step of all styles of salsa involves three weight changes, called steps, each four measures of time. Time without a weight change may contain a tap, kick (seems a little kick to a ball, but due to air) or pause. One of the steps is a 'long way'which is a little longer than the other two. The different styles of salsa often differ by management and the long lead time ('in 1' or 'in 2', for example). After six changes in weight in eight days, the basic step cycle is complete. While dancing, the basic step can be modified significantly as part of improvisation and style of the dancers. 
While a salsa dancer 'weight changes', the upper bodyremains level and is hardly affected. The hips are caught in the middle and end up moving considerably: the famous Cuban hip movement. 
The arms are used to communicate the leadership, whether in open or closed position. In the open position, the dancers take one or both hands, especially for movements that involve money, put your arms behind your back or move around each other. In the closedposition, the leader puts his right hand on the back of the follower, while the follower puts his left hand on the shoulder of the leader. Also used for making ornaments and to avoid obstructing the ball. 
In some styles, the dancers remain in a segment, ie line switching places, while in others, the dancers whirl around each other. 
Time (timing) 
The salsa is danced in 4 / 4 bar. Extend the basicsteps, however, on two bars, so the dancers have not four, but eight. 
The principle is to alternate the left steps (i) and right (d). For women, the steps are reversed: (d) and (i) immediately.) The slight difficulty is to move with the rhythm of music: left-right-left-pause and right-left-right-pause - (d) - (i) - (d) - (pause) and (i) - (d) - (i) - (pause), for women. 
The fourth time is apause, some count: 1, 2, 3, (), 5, 6, 7, () "or" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, '(sic) instead «1, 2, 3, 4 (5, 6, 7, 8)." Although there is no pause time is very important mark. Thus, the basic step reflects the peculiar rhythm salsa: it begins in the first half, together with singing and instruments, but emphasizes the break, along with percussion, in the fourth quarter. [N. T.: here was deleted "compass" ofthe translation, because they misunderstood the phrase] 
The sauce can dance on the rhythm '(), 2, 3, 4, (), 6, 7, 8. " This is what is called the Palladium style "on 2." 
You can also dance "on 2" staying in "1, 2, 3, (), 5, 6, 7, ()" using the New York style. 
There is also a way to 'gently used' dance marking the key blows with feet, which is more complicated. 
Mambo step 

The basic stepof the New York style "by 1". This basic step can be used with minor adaptations in all styles. 
The sauce does not show, in contrast to many other dances, no standard basic step, but it can be considered the step that follows the principle of "backward / forward", sometimes called "mambo step," as the basic step more widespread. 
The steps of man and woman are made in mirror: when a man performsthe steps of the first four times, the woman who made the last four, which are invested, for example, if the man moves his left foot, woman moves her right foot. 
The man made 'in 1' as well: The first time (women begins at the fifth time) advances the left foot and the body weight transferred to that foot, the second time, weight is transferred body to the right foot in the third time, left...
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