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nBalloon Tricks
(Particle matter theory)

Maria Jose Camacho Suarez

To observe evidence of the particle theory of matter.

I think thatthe balloon warm balloon is going to expand with the heat and that the cool balloon is going to shrink with the cold.

Materials and Equipment
* 2 round balloons
*Measuring tape
* Felt pen
* Bowl of ice water
* Heat lamp

1. Make a table to record your data.
2. Blow up the two balloons about ¾ full and tie themoff.
3. Use the felt pen to label one balloon “cool” and the other balloon “warm”
4. Measure and record the circumference of the largest part of each balloon.
5.Place the balloon labelled “cool” in a bowl of ice water until you observe a change in its size.
6. Place the balloon labelled “warm” near a heat lamp until you observe a changein its size.
7. Measure and record the circumference of the largest part of each balloon.

Balloon | Before | After |
Hot (orange) | 62cm | 63cm |
Blue (cold)| 67cm | 65cm |

(a)How did the balloon change when it was cooled?
The balloon was smaller than before we put it in the cold water.
(b)How did the balloonchange when it was warmed?
The balloon expanded after we heated.
How would you explain your observations using the particle matter theory?
When you put the cool balloon intothe cold water the particles start to slow down so it starts to get smaller.
When you put the warm balloon closer to the lamp the particles start moving so they make more spaceand the balloon expands.

The cool balloon needs to be smaller than before you put it in the cold water And the warm balloon needs to be bigger than when you heated.
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