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Installation Instructions

ControlLogix Isolated Analog Voltage/Current Input Module
(Catalog Number 1756-IF6I)
To: Obtain a User Manual Identify the Module Components Prevent Electrostatic Discharge See Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) Understand Compliance to European Union Directive Note the Power Requirements Install the Module Key the Removable Terminal Block/Interface ModuleWire the Module Assemble the Removable Terminal Block and the Housing Install the Removable Terminal Block onto the Module Check the Indicators Remove the Removable Terminal Block from the Module Remove the Module See 1756-IF6I Specifications Hazardous Location information See page: 1 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 8 11 11 13 14 15 15 17

Obtain a User Manual
This product also has a user manual (pub. no.1756-6.5.9). To view it, visit or You can also purchase a printed manual by: • contacting your local distributor or Rockwell Automation representative • visiting and placing an order
Publication 1756-IN034C-EN-P - October 2000

2 ControlLogix Isolated Analog Voltage/Current Input Module • calling 800.963.9548 (USA/Canada)or 001.320.725.1574 (outside USA/Canada)

Identify the Module Components
You received the following components with your order: • 1756-IF6I module • Removable Terminal Block (RTB) door label If you did not receive these components, contact your Rockwell Automation sales office. This module mounts in a ControlLogix™ chassis and uses a separately-ordered RTB or a Bulletin 1492 Interface Module(IFM) to connect all field-side wiring. This module uses one of the following RTBs: • 1756-TBNH 20 position NEMA RTB • 1756-TBSH 20 position Spring Clamp RTB Use an extended-depth cover (1756-TBE) for applications with heavy gauge wiring or requiring additional routing space. When using an IFM, consult the documentation that came with it to connect all wiring. Before you install your module, youshould have already: • installed and grounded a 1756 chassis and power supply. • ordered and received an RTB or IFM and its components for your application.


Publication 1756-IN034C-EN-P - October 2000

ControlLogix Isolated Analog Voltage/Current Input Module 3

Prevent Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic discharge can damage integrated circuits or semiconductorsif you touch backplane connector pins. Follow these guidelines when you handle the module: • Touch a grounded object to discharge static potential. • Wear an approved wrist-strap grounding device. • Do not touch the backplane connector or connector pins. • Do not touch circuit components inside the module. • If available, use a static-safe work station. • When not in use, keep the module in itsstatic-shield box.


Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP)


This module is designed so you can remove and insert it under backplane power and field-side power. When you remove or insert a module while field-side power is applied, you may cause an electrical arc. An electrical arc can cause personal injury or property damage because it may: • send an erroneous signal to yoursystem’s field devices, causing unintended machine motion or loss of process control. • cause an explosion in a hazardous environment. Repeated electrical arcing causes excessive wear to contacts on both the module and its mating connector. Worn contacts may create electrical resistance. When you insert or remove the module while backplane power is on, or you connect or disconnect the RTB withfield-side power applied, an electrical arc can occur. This could cause an explosion in hazardous location installations. Be sure that power is removed or the area is non-hazardous before proceeding.

Publication 1756-IN034C-EN-P - October 2000

4 ControlLogix Isolated Analog Voltage/Current Input Module

Understand Compliance to European Union Directive
If this product bears the CE...
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