Be rich don't guarantee happiness

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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2010
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Being rich does not guarantee happiness
Every one, in some moment of our life wish to have money, be millionaire, not having debts, buy everything we want. If one of us wins the lottery,nobody would reject it. Many people think that to have a lot of money means be happy and don't to have problems, but they are wrong. Suppose that we have two families. in both families arethe parents and two children.
The first one has a lot of money. The parents have a shoe's factory, and they work all day and they only have the night for see their children. But when theyreturn, they are tired after working, and they only wish to rest. How do you think that the children think about her parents? Would you like to be in their place? There are someadvantages, like buy every thing they want, have people who are responsible for cleaning the house and pick our disaster, and the disadvantages are that the family is exposed to any crime likerobbery, kidnapping and others crimes, the children have no care of their parents, and the love and the affection that they need.
Now, in the second family, the mother is housewife and thefather only work eight hours at day, five days at week, in a company. The advantages are that they can be together and supported of every member of the family in any problem they have. Thedisadvantages are that they haven't a lot of material things but they have the love of their family in every aspect. And this is what happiness is.
In conclusion, be happy don't means havemoney or material things, because we can be the richest in the world and enjoy our money, but don’t have any person to give us an support when we are sad, or when we need something, the moneycan become selfish, greedy, and other negative things if we let ourselves be influenced, of course it helps a lot, but the love of the family and the real friends, it is what makes happiness.
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