Began with random

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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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Suddenly i heard that someone had closed the door, but was not yet sufficiently consents to be able to ask who he was talking about; spent atleast 5 minutes until where i remember ( … ), when i peeped out of the window which was on the right side of my bed; there small, but free, drops of water were swinging rapidly on the glass leavingtraces of the new route, which had been discovered, but that with only a few minutes would be in the past and probably forgotten. It was exactly what i was going on, i thought i had found a way out of thatmaze i was in, but unexpectedly another wall was crossed by my way, this was never bothered by the path that had brought me there, but then suddenly everything was different and all my effort to findthe exit had been in vain.
A strong smell of smoke came up to me and along with this the souvenir of a long night in which he had known a strange and mysterious; as i walked by the train tracks inthe company of the shining moon listen to a sad melody, possibly intoned in La smaller, that i came from the dense forests that were in my back. This was not ignore it, but it was impossible, thattopic was intoned with greater melancholy so i decided to go back some kilometers in search of that individual, that, for that only listen to him had stolen my attention completely, and i had delved to aplace that i never thought joining. Took some time until i found it, it was a creature of small stature with extravagant costumes worn and a hat that was possibly larger than his own head, was sittingin the trunk of a fallen tree; i noted with caution but not ceased to hum the bereaved melody. Approached little by little, with great caution, look at me still, I really surprised that I had not runaway from there because that kind of creatures only find on fairy tales, I went to the trunk where he was at the beginning and sat down, he was capture while watching the beautiful moon like...
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