Benefits on the online social network

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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In day´s today, social network pages are significantly growing through the internet, this being a great opportunity for people start a new kind of business.However, people as students and teachers are affecting about it and as a consequence they are considering as a way to interact and increase communication between students and students, students andteachers, or teachers and teachers. This essay will attempt to compare some benefits that faculty presence on the online social network pages of their students holds for academic performance with thebenefits to social experience.
Online social network pages facilitates in term of strategies to learn and develop a course such as teachers could incorporate didactic ways to their students to enhancethe learning procedures through creation of platforms to increase performance among teaching – learning, which helps to reduce time in covering the topics and teachers could improve their pedagogicalaction.
Furthermore, using this tool helps students as alternative resources where they could use their mental activity to build and discover new ways to deepen the theme. In addition, teachers havean important role on students which is: generating support, helping them in the construction of critic ideas, developing in their strategies skills and teaching the appropriate using of online socialnetwork.
On other point, interacting among students and teachers through social network pages helps to give students security and be confident being that each student has different opinion anddifferent question which teachers could answer in privacy and give him extra activity, for example, sharing information which in years ago was limited and unreliable but nowadays information is unlimitedand direct access. On the other hand, students could be teachers when they expose their ideas or questions by public and the rest of students give their opinion or suggestions.
It is also important...