Bermudas triangle

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Ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle? There have been many disappearances there are many possible explanations, but none have been confirmed. Given this amazing event, there is always the possibility of doubt. Supposedly boat or plane passing through the triangle, never found, but your story will be true or fabricated? Over twenty years have not reported any cases ofdisappearances of ships or aircraft. More details in my research.

History and the first mentions of the Bermuda Triangle

Christopher Colon said he saw strange animals near the limits the triangle, and even made tours of the Bermuda Triangle. In one time reported that he and his crew observed "strange lights moving on the horizon.”He also observed what looked like a meteor falling. The mythof the Bermuda Triangle was first mentioned by Vincent Gaddis in a 1964 article published in the journal "Pulp fiction" U.S.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a geographical area located in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida; these three points form an equilateral triangle as almost perfectly, famous for the strange disappearances that have occurredover time. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the busiest air and sea worldwide. To date more than 50 ships and 20 aircraft were lost without trace in that particular area of the Atlantic. The Gulf Stream, an area with a very unstable time (known for its hurricanes) also passes through the triangle to leave the Caribbean Sea. The combination of a deep maritime traffic and tempestuous weather makes itpossible for some boats come in storms and be lost without trace, especially before the development of telecommunications, radar and satellites in the late twentieth century. Strong currents and water depth could explain the absence of remains. All that ever came there, he was never seen again. From boats and ships sailing in that area; aircraft which saw them go into a fog to vanish withoutleaving a trace. As techniques are perfected in deep water immersion is likely to recover most of the lost ships.

Possible explanations for disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

• Methane hydrate, gas that is formed from the decomposition of organic matter and can be found in large quantities in the sea, when combined with water, methane is heated, boiled and dissolved in the ocean. Theproblem is when you form a bubble reaches the surface and bursts, if at that time there is a nearby boat will sink unable to withstand the turbulence. This phenomenon could be the explanation of tsunamis and disappearances of boats, as these tragedies occur where the gas is abundant. Methane gas could also bring down aircraft. The air is less concentrated that the planes would lose support. In addition,the aircraft altimeter (measuring altitude) measures the density of air. As methane is less dense, the altimeter would indicate that the aircraft is climbing.
The pilot who travel at night or in clouds (where you cannot see the ground), would mean that the plane is going up and down react, causing the plane to crash. In addition, methane ruins the engine fuel-air mixture. The plane's enginesburn oil mixed with air supplying oxygen. When ambient oxygen levels plummet, the combustion could be stopped completely, causing the engine to shut off. All these effects of methane gas have been demonstrated experimentally.
• Some scientists say that the Bermuda Triangle there are large fields of energy from the earth and that communications are cut.
• Other scientists think that thedisappearances are related to aliens.
• Others say that there is a dimensional portal that links to one another, the hostages are sent to other dimensions.
• Another theory is that the area was an ancient Atlantis (technologically advanced city and disappeared mysteriously) are supposed to make 5000 BC.
• Other explanations have been many researchers for these disappearances ranging from...