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Microsoft Business Intelligence Strategy Overview

Juan Manuel Alvarado MVP SQL SERVER

Understanding Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of application programs and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions BI applications include the activities ofdecision support, query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining


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Understanding Business Intelligence
Or put simply…

It is the application of knowledge derived from analyzing an organization’s data to effect a more positive outcome


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Applying Business Intelligence
BI is used to…

Understand the health of the organization
Collaborate on a shared view of business drivers Reduce the time to decision

Its goal is often to…
Impact the bottom line by measuring specific operations Enhance competitive advantage
BI is no longer a luxury afforded by a few large companies—it is now considered anessential part of the IT portfolio
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Addressing Common Business Problems
Common Business Questions

Common Information Problems
Common Information Requirements


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Common Business Questions
How are the sales territories performing?

How are the sales people performing?
Whichcustomers are likely to buy from us? What products do our customers buy together?
What data-related problems might arise when answering these questions?


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Common Information Requirements
Decision makers need

Reliable, secure access to data to do their job effectively
Flexibility in the ways they access data Tools to browse andanalyze data and view reports

Low time-to-impact; low latency query results


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Delivering Information to Decision Makers



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Integrated Reporting and Analytics
9: process of warehouse and reporting 8: 7: 6: Delivering 5: Manual useBI can bedata to query continuousdata sources 4: Stagingmayvarioussimplify the datafordata reduce data 3: The sourcesaccesstoolssources directlyto warehouse 2: Datadataareasenablesmanages populated from business improvement 1: Clients needaccessperiodicallydatathecleanse dirty contention warehouse ismayabe required to analyzingpopulation cleansing to data warehouse mirrored/replicated may Data Sources
Data Warehouse Data MartsStaging Area

Client Access
Manual Cleansing
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Client Access

Introducing the Microsoft BI Platform
Microsoft’s BI Strategy and Vision

The Microsoft BI Platform
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 2007 Microsoft Office System

Microsoft-Based BI Solutions


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Microsoft’s BIStrategy and Vision
To improve organizations by providing business insights to all employees, leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions

• Microsoft has a long-term commitment to delivering a complete and integrated BI offering • SQL Server has led innovation in the BI space for more than a decade • There is widespread delivery of intelligence through Microsoft Office • The platforms areenterprise-grade and affordable
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Microsoft BI Platform Integration

Powerful Cost Effective Fast Time-to-Market Choice of Integration Points

Integrated BI Solution

Performance Management

Enterprise Grade Pervasive Integrated Flexible Full Featured Interoperable Extensible

Information Worker Platform

Data Platform...
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