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1. Introduction of Agrolimen
2. Bicentury
a) Products
b) Selling strategy
i. Marketing department and R&D
c) Porter’s five forces
d) Organization Chart
e) General typology of the company
f) Major coordination systems
g) Conclusions

Agrolimen is a multinational Catalan family holding. The capital is in the hands of six brothers. LluísCarulla Canals founded the company in 1964 and was it’s president until his death in 1990. Among other well-known brands group owns Lindor, Ausonia, Evax, Pans & Company, Bicentury etc.
The company's origins date back to 1937, when Lluís Carulla Canals created Gallina Blanca. Years later to face the entrance of multinational food in Spain, Gallina Blanca was associated with 50% Borden parallel in 1964 constituted Agrolimen to diversify the company. Since then, the company has diversified sectors where it operates remaining always in the hands of the same family. Agrolimen directly controls 125 companies, excluding subsidiaries or business divisions, has more than twenty factories, employing over 6,000 people and bill more than 2,000 million € per year.
BioCenturySL defined from birth to the constitution of the group by joining BioCentury three pharmaceutical companies and two food producers, in the late 80's, in order to reconcile, for the first time, the pharmaceutical industry with the food industry: take care and maintain a balanced and healthy diet need not be at odds with tasting appetizer or with which they can be purchased at food establishments.It says the company has managed to be one of the leading companies in control of weight in the supply channel through the continuing work of their marketing departments and R & D. IN his laboratory work a team of specialists in food or pharmaceutical work with advisors from the field of nutrition and health. Since these laboratories are being developed all the products that are manufactured inthe production plant Quart (Girona), which has an area of ​​15,000 m2, is rated IFS / BRC and further provides pharmaceutical laboratory. The nearly 300 employees are the most stringent quality control processes. BioCentury describes and establishes his own philosophy: to develop products that help people control their weight in a healthy way without sacrificing pleasure.
Notably, BioCentury,then, is the reason or company name of this, we must not confuse it with Bicentury , the brand of products manufactured. This is due to a legal issue related to the name BIO in position previous to the name itself. To qualify for this particle products must meet a long series of biological characteristics. In order to overcome this obstacle, society BioCentury SL changed its brand name (with whichthey identify their products) by Bicentury retaining its name BioCentury SL Thus, the product is still identified with the company, to create confusion in some cases or simply the non-distinction.
BioCentury SL belongs to Agrolimen S.A.
The strategy, as we know, is what actually modulates the organization depending on the environment. The same, establishes the purpose andscope of the company. Thus, it is vital description.
In the strategic planning process, we first need to highlight the company's values​​, that which is considered more important.
The scientific commitment, is one of the main values ​​of Bicentury because their products are made under rigorous scientific basis. Moreover the projects, plans and products are based on realities, namely that theinformation given to consumers is totally true, at any time you try to deceive the public. One of the keys is Bicentury understand consumer needs and try to satisfy through its products. The proximity to the consumer is also a feature of this company.
Bicentury other important values​​, but not as essential as we have named above are:
Bicentury is devoted to helping people lose weight....
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