Bieber love story

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Bieber Love Story.

Part 1 . You sat in your seat, front row, eagerly waiting for Justin Bieber to get on the stage. The fans were screaming "JUSTIN!JUSTIN!JUSTIN!" You were checking your phone, and suddenly the crowd went wild. You looked up at the stage, and saw Justin standing there. "HELLO ATLANTA! THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL THE FANS THAT CAME OUT HERE TODAY! NOW FOR THE FANS.. U SMILE", hesaid, and started to sing. wow, you thought to yourself, his voice is even better in person. After U SMILE he sang BABY, and you thought you saw him look at you. no, you thought to yourself. its justin bieber, why would he look at ME? but then, as he finished baby and started to sing one less lonely girl, he pointed at you to come up on the stage. holy shit, you thought to yourself. this cannot behappening, he probably didnt point at ME. but he had. he reached his hand down for you to come onto the stage.

You sat on the chair on the stage, and Justin hugged you with his free arm while singing OLLG. you were dying inside. it was always your dream to meet Justin, and now it was happening. "how many dinner dates set dinner plates and he didnt even touch his food?" he sang, and took hold ofyour hand. Half the crowd was booing you and half was cheering, but you didnt care. you were too much in the moment to care. When the song finished, Justin gave you a bouquet of flowers, and told you to wait for him backstage. You sat on the white couch backstage, listening to Justin singing the rest of his songs. After about an hour, he thanked the crowd and was walking backstage towards you."Hey gorgeous, what's your name?" he asked you. oh my biebs justin bieber called me gorgeous. you couldnt believe this was happening. but it was. "uh.. im Jenna"you said, unable to believe that you were actually living this moment. "thats a really nice name.. i like it." he told you, and flashed you that gorgeous smile that millions of girls were in love with. You smiled back. "So, im having anafter party. no fans will be there though, just the crew and all, but you're an exception. would you like to come?" he asked you, waiting for your response, hoping that you'll say yes. "sure, yeah, ill just text my mom to let her know." you said, still so shocked. "great" he said, looking really happy. "im just gonna change, and ill be back. the limos waiting outside. stay here til i get changed" hetold you, winking...

Part 2. You texted your mom, telling her the whole story of you being Justin's OLLG, and how he invited you to his party. 'call me if you need a ride later, have fun honey' she texted you back. You looked up and Justin was coming towards you, now wearing a purple hoodie with jeans. You felt a little overdressed, wearing your one-shouldered pink shirt with your leggings. Youdidnt even know where the party would be. Justin did his hair flip. "You ready?" he asked, and flashed you his smile again. "Yup," you told him, smiling back. He held out his hand for you to hold, and obviously, you took it. He walked you, your hands still holding, to the limo from the back door. Security was everywhere, but you could see no fans. Even better for you.

Justin opened the door foryou and pointed his hand into the limo. You sat down, and he sat right next to you, so close, you can feel him looking at you and breathing. You look at him, and catch him staring at you. After about a half hour, he tells you "you know, you really are gorgeous. How old are you?" "Im 15, im gonna be sixteen next month" you tell him, smiling. "Oh, well, were here!" he told you. He opened the doorand came out, holding it open for you. You came out, and saw where you were. It was a club, red carpet in front leading to the door. "Uh, Justin, im underage. and so are you.." you told him. "dont worry bout it, no alcohol, the whole club is reserved for us tonight" he told you, smiling at how scared you were.

He took your hand in his again, and you walked to the door. The security man let you...
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