A love story

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  • Publicado : 27 de mayo de 2011
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I stood there under the cold rain and thought that if I just didn’t move he will return. What a fool! “Be happy”, were his last words. It was just typical. But what could I do? Justwait for a miracle to happen, and it certainly won’t. I remember I waited until the rain stopped. When I came home all I heard was my father’s scolding saying it was too dark for me to be outside, Icouldn’t even understand him. How could that matter? He had gone.

That was one long cold night. The moon walked me through every hour; it glowed like the most beautiful moon could shine on October,perhaps because it happened on late November or maybe I deserved to have company for just a single night.

The next day everything was pretty much normal. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, hadbreakfast, brushed my teeth, and went to school. At school everything went as usual, friends, classes… always the same. He, he changed the routine, the one and only one who could always turn my dayinto a new adventure, again had gone. Everything got boring again and whether I want it or not, sad.

“Why?” I asked to my friends. “Only time heals all wounds.” They said. It seemed to be just toounfair to be true. I couldn’t realize why he could so easily forget about it at all and for me it was like giving up to one half of my soul. I just couldn’t believe it, too much time listening to lies.Time passed and my life started to take its course but without something that changed my routine, the one I so much hated. It was like living twice a day but still getting older, and I hated thateven more.

One day he crossed my way it wasn’t that difficult because he lived just a few blocks from my house. I never expected to have such reaction; I was scared, and felt my heartbeat runningfaster and faster. “Why he made me feel scared, and not nervous?” I thought while he was coming closer and closer. He passed right beside me without saying a word. Suddenly he grabbed my arm and...
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