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Magali García Ramis Biography

February 5, 2011 by Celebrity biography
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Magali García Ramis was born in 1946 in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico.He grew up in a very close family, of which one of her aunts, Maria Luisa Ramirez was the first founder of a laboratory in Puerto Rico, where his mother worked, so he spent much of his childhood inthe laboratory and in the home of his grandmother.

As a teenager, he moved with his family to Miramar, where he studied at the Academia Perpetuo Socorro school where education is emphasized inAmerican culture and history, a fact that made Magalí, along with several colleagues, interpret that U.S. things were better than those of the island.

Magalí always struggled with this idea in collegeand later learned more about the culture of his native Puerto Rico. These issues can be reflected in his writing.

In 1964 he enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico, where he majored in history.After graduating, he worked a while for the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”.

In 1968 he received a scholarship to study journalism at Columbia University, New York, and was at the time he wrote hisfirst story titled “Every Sunday”, which won first prize in the literary contest “Ateneo” .

In 1971 he returned to Puerto Rico and began working in the newspaper “The Fair”, where he remained for ayear, and then worked for the literary magazine “Progress”, which lasted until 1973.
During this time, he continued to devote his free time writing short stories, then send a book with 4 of them to acontest of Cuba called “Casa de las Americas, in which he received an honorary mention in the story entitled” The Widow Chencho the Fool, “which was published in 1974.
That same year he moved toMexico, and turned once more to Puerto Rico 3 years later, in 1977, when he published a book of short stories titled “The family of us all”, while he began working for the School of Communications of...