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My name is Isela. I was the born the 19th march 1994. I live in Mexico, Nuevo León.
was when I had a rabbit brown ,It was very cute I loved It, but one day it went of my house, I cried, but my mom bought a other rabbit and I was be happy!.
STORY OF MY LIFEgoing to the ranch where my cousins and I are going to play as the orange is a little confusing the way retired and moored a red rag to thetrees to avoid getting lost when we finished and we returned to the ranch, we realized that we were no longer wipes so scared not know what todo we held hands and walked through alleged where the road would leave the floor was wet my cousin said I hope it does not rain and then fell astorm all muddy and soaked we reached the road when we come to rancho our parents did not even realize that we gather now always remember thatday where thousands of emotions that led us to experience.
1Who were you confident when you were at elementary school?
R=Erick daniel2Could you write and read when you were five?
R= could only read

3wich was your favorite toy when you were then?
R=tea set

4 what did youwant to eat when you were twelve?
R= spaghetti

5what did you want to be when you were eight?

Isela rubi MartinezRodriguez.
Matricula: 090910188-3
Material: comunicación independiente en ingles.
Profesora: Francés Selene Torres Aguilar.
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