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Vicentico Biography The story of Vincent (born Gabriel Fernandez Capello) is inextricably linked to that of the band hefounded and integrated with Flavio Cianciarullo from 1984 to 2001: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Although never officially a separation, both Vicente and the other members faced their separate projects.Thus, in 2002 decided to open a path of their own, unique and personal. And that path is called "Vicentico" his first solo album.
"You wake up the city" was chosen as the first single from work withtwelve subjects, eleven of which are of his own (the exception is "something you", by Chico Novarro).
For "The Rays", his second production, accompanying Buira Dani (drums and percussion), Daniel Castro(bass and double bass), Marcelo Muir (guitar and vocals) and Di Saverio Juampi (vocals), a horn section consisting of Ervin Stutz (trumpet, flugel horn and trombone), Alejo Von Der Pahlen (soprano,alto, tenor, baritone and flute) and John Scalona (trombone), plus special guest Flavio Cianciarulo with its low in "Jaws" and Julieta Venegas voice and piano accordion in "The Fool".
In 2006 comesout her third album titled "The Birds". The album contains ten original songs composed and produced by the musician, with the exception of "Yesterday", a song belonging to Daniel Melingo. Other guestartists are Andres Calamaro, Gringui Herrera, Florian Fernandez Capello (son of Vincent) and his former co-driver Flavio Cianciarulo.
In April 2008, officially announced the return of Los FabulososCadillacs. The following month, Vicentico launches greatest hits and some unreleased called "Hits 2002-2008", with which sums up his 6-year solo career.
With the Fabulous Thunderbirds, made a successfultour called "The Satanic Pop Tour," which was filed more than 110 thousand people at the Estadio River Plate, perform over 50 shows worldwide and received multiple awards and nominations.
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