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Black stories


Students solve the riddles by reconstructing piece by piece, by guessing andasking questions - the teacher, who knows the whole story, just says YES or NO.

THE DEADLY PHONE CALL There’s a dead man on the floor ofa phone box. The panes of glass are broken and there’s blood everywhere. Lying in front of the phone box is a large fish. FIVE FRIENDSThey jump into the sea together. A few hours later, none of them is alive. THE BUNDLE Veronica is lying dead in the middle of a field.Behind her is a bundle. Not a track or footprint anywhere. THE MISSING GRANNY A family rolls up its grandmother in a carpet. A short time latershe disappears for ever. STRANGE OUTFIT A strangely dressed corpse is found in the middle of a forest. NEW SHOES Mary goes into a shopand buys herself new shoes. It will mean her death that same evening. HEADLESS RIDER A headless man is riding his motorbike down the street.THE NAKED MAN A naked man was found dead at the foot of a mountain – with a matchstick in his hand. THE SAUNA A dead man is lying in asauna. Next to him, a thermos flask. THE DEATH OF ROMEO AND JULIET Romeo and Juliet are lying dead on the floor. Next to them is a puddle ofwater and broken glass. The window is open a crack and the wind is howling.

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