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Ricardo Montalbán.
Real name: Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán Merino.
Birth: Mexico City, Mexico, 11.25.1920.
Death: Los Angeles, California, USA, 14/01/2009, (88 years).Profession: Actor in many movies and TV series.
Created a foundation to support young talents
The actor, who won an Emmy, died of natural causes
at his home in Los Angeles.
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Pablo Porta
Real name: Paul Porta Bussoms.
Birth: Barcelona, Spain, 17/11/1923.
Died: Barcelona, Spain, 27/01/2009, (85 years).
DeathCause: Cancer.
Profession: President of the Spanish Football Federation from 1975 to 1984.Socio in honor of one hundred Spanish clubs. Many medals.
In his youth he played soccer and rugby, in additionto practicing boxing, a sport in which Spain university champion in heavyweight. He was also president of the Catalan Federation of Boxing.


Miguel Serrano.
Real name: Miguel SerranoFernandez.
Birth: Santiago de Chile, Chile, 09/10/1917.
Death: Santiago de Chile, Chile, 28/02/2009, (91 years).
Profession: Writer, politician and diplomat.
The writer belonged to the Generation of38.
In 1989 celebrated the 100th birthday of Hitler during World War II Hitler strongly supported by the New Age magazine. In 1989 he led a Chilean Nazi ceremony to celebrate 100 years since thebirth of Hitler.

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