Blind people technology

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Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors.
Blindness is frequently used to describe severe visual impairment with residual vision. Vision problems can develop before a baby is born. Sometimes, parts of the eyes don't form the way they should. A kid's eyes might look fine, but the brain has trouble processing theinformation they send. The optic nerve sends pictures to the brain, so if the nerve doesn't form correctly, the baby's brain won't receive the messages needed for sight.
Blindness can be genetic or inherited, which means that this problem gets passed down to a kid from parents through genes.
Blindness also can be caused by an accident, if something hurts the eye or by some illnesses such asdiabetes.
Actually there is a wide range of tools and techniques like the Braille method, that is a system that use points in order to know some symbols and the alphabet, this system has been a great help for them but this isn’t enough and doesn’t fill all their requirements, through the years scientists have created new technology for this people in order to make their life easier.

Blind peopleneeds

Blindness is a condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors, this situation has made that blind people look for constant help. This disability require attention to self-care skills, communication, social-emotional development, physical mobility, community functioning, as well as more standard emphasis on cognitive, educational, and vocational skill.Technology Development through the year

Also called typhlotechnology, the technology for blind people is facing the development of new technology or the adaptation of devices that already exist.
For that many organizations and foundation are dedicated to the production of different materials for them with specific designs of different devices.

First half of the 20th century

The 20thcentury has been characterized by the advances of new technologies consist in letters from the alphabet that are in relief, so blind people can use for reading and writing
In the first half of this century the Braille method was invented, this method through the combination of six points people can make all the letters of the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks.

Last half of the 20thcentury

The end of the 20th century brought changes for blind people. The first one is the extensive electronic communication known as internet, e-mail and web, which gave to the blind people the capability to work and communicate with other people.

Last decade

In the last decade the Braille method still has an important part in blind people’s life but the technology have been improving, sothere were produce different devices, like the Braille keyboard and the voice synthesizer which have helped them in many aspects of their lives.
These devices help blind people put information into the computer and listen the information that appears in the computer screen, there are also devices like typewriters and printers in Braille

Assistive technology for blind people

Assistive oradaptive technology is a tool for people with disabilities. Assistive technology (AT) helps people to be more independent and perform tasks that they were unable or difficult to accomplish.

Workplace appliances

This technology allows people that work, to make them feel more economically independent and also helps them to apply their knowledge in every aspect of their lives and be part of thesociety.they can use are Braille printers, some cell phones that speak as user scroll through various menus, Braille keyboard, Braille’N Speak, it is a device that has six keys where you can introduce the data and you can listen what you write.

Educational appliances

The educational appliance allows blind people that are studying to make better use of their skills and improve others.
There is...
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