Bloodthirsty history

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  • Publicado : 2 de febrero de 2011
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Last night one woman has been killed in her car when she was going to home. The body corpse has been found in the highway, next to her village, with a big knife, that crossed bloodthirsty her heard.It seems like a butcher’s. One man said that he has seen the events and he told to the police what happen in that bloodthirsty night.

Merry was tired, she has been working in a supermarket 20 kmnext her village and always she finishes her work tired. But, while she was driving home, she was happy because her boyfriend, Tom, was waiting her in home and together were going to the cinema.Suddenly one car stayed behind, started make signals with the lights, Merry thought it was indicating something but all stay in order, the strange put his car begin Merry’s car. She was scared and push theaccelerate, but the other car run more fast and she couldn’t left that car to stop behind.
The strange started horning impatient, like if would said “stop!”. Merry was scared, she couldn’t turn tosaw the driver and try to run more, but the strange crash his car to her car.

-“I” said Bob to the police -“has seen a man with a big knife in her car and I tried to stop her, but she didn’t look meand I thought that she was scared of me and she didn’t know that in her car was a man. I try all to indicate that she was in danger”. His voice broke but he continued speaking -“I crash my car, tomake stopped her, but everything I tried was useless. Suddenly the men behind her watch me and put his thumb in his neck and moved his lips. It was close night but I could read -after I will kill you-“Bob started to cry “so sorry, in this moment I blocked and stopped my car, I couldn’t make anything, for my fault she, she…”

Merry seen that suddenly the other car stopped, she breath, quiet.After two minutes started decrease the speed and continue quiet the way, only one km more and arrived to the village “no problem”, thought she. Suddenly one arm catch her and crash to the windows,...
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