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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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Goulds 3910
API-610 10th Edition /ISO 13709 Vertical In-Line Process Pumps with Bearing Frame (API OH3)

Goulds Model 3910
Vertical In-Line Pumps Designed to Meet the Demanding Process Requirements of API-610 10th Edition/ ISO 13709
Capacities to 7500 GPM (1700 m3/h) I Heads to 750 feet (229 m) I Temperatures to 650° F (343° C) I Pressures to 595 PSIG (41 bar)

Goulds Model 3910provides the benefits of an in-line pump ...low installation costs and space savings ...without compromising reliability, maintainability, safety or hydraulic performance.

Design Features
Back Pull-out for ease of maintenance. Bearing Frame carries pump loads. Framehook™ allows safe and easy removal of back pull-out assembly. Standard Spacer Couplings can be used for all applications. In-Line Designfor space and cost savings. Motor Support — Rugged fabricated steel, casing mounted, maintains positive shaft alignment. Available motor support. Unique frame-mounted motor support improves maintenance access.

Typical Applications
Refinery Units — Distillation, Flasher, CCU, Hydrotreater, MTBE, Alkylation, Reformer, Gas Plant, Isomerization Petrochemical Plants — Olefins, BTX Recovery,Ethylene Glycol, Vinyl Chloride, Styrene, Phenol, Propylene Glycol, Alcohols, Ketones, Acids, Acrylonitrile, Anhydrides

Typical Services
Condensate, Stabilizer Feed, Reflux, Stripper Feed, Reactor Feed, Scrubber Circulation, Acid, Fractionator Reflux, Finishing Column Bottoms, Caustic, Stripper Overhead Product


Goulds Model 3910 for Refinery Services
The 3910 offers inherent in-lineadvantages:
• Lower Installation Costs — No heavy foundation required. • Minimum Floorspace — Ideal for retrofitting and debottlenecking. • Shaft-to-Shaft Alignment — Maintained during changes in nozzle loads or operating conditions (thermal cycling). • In-Line Suction and Discharge Simplifies piping design and construction.

Goulds 3910 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of theHydrocarbon Processing Industries.

3910 Bearing Frame Design for Reliability
Goulds Model 3910 combines in-line and horizontal pump advantages...
• Positive Shaft Alignment — Extended seal and bearing life and reduced vibration. • Proven Shaft Stiffness — Reduced deflection for extended seal life. • Standard Mechanical Seals • Standard Flexible Couplings • Simplified Maintenance — Use of GouldsFramehook™ allows safe and easy maintenance. • Standard Vertical Motors — Power end absorbs all pump hydraulic loads.

• Eliminates product lubricated bushings that wear and increase shaft deflection. • Complex rigid coupling assembly and shaft alignment procedures not required. • Special motor designs not required.


GouldsFramehook for Safe and Simple Maintenance

Now there’s a safe and easy way to remove the back pullout assembly for offsite maintenance... without removing the motor or disturbing suction and discharge piping. Goulds Framehook™ facilitates removal (and installation) of the back pull-out. Maintenance personnel can now remove a heavy assembly safely and in minimum time. 1. After removing the casingstud nuts, coupling spacer and any flush or seal piping, position Framehook™ using suitable lifting capability. 2. With Framehook™ bolted in place, separate the assembly from the casing by using the jacking bolts. 3. Lift assembly clear of casing studs. 4. Tilt the unit using threaded adjustment rod for easy removal through opening in motor support. 5. The entire back pull-out assembly ready foroffsite maintenance.

Goulds Value Added Service
Repair and Overhaul Goulds PRO Service Centers repair all types of rotating equipment. Each facility has special diagnostic equipment to facilitate preventive maintenance.

Parts Availability Goulds Distribution Centers are strategically located worldwide, and are committed to the ready availability of repair parts. Factory Support Goulds...
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