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Paris city of lights
Mosquito agency cost $150 000 mean transport by plane. Destination Paris Departure of Mexico: Airport of Mexico City 27th July at 3 pmParis airport arrivals July 28 at 5 pm. Stay at the hotel “Le Paris”
First dayBreakfast in the hotel restaurant8 am to 10 am Visit the Bastille square and opera 10 am to 12 am Lunch in the Park Montsouris12 am to 2 pm Visit the Panteon where the bodies of famous people stay 2 pm to 4 pm VisitMontparnasse tower 4 pm to 6 pm Visit the palace and gardens of Luxemburgo6 pm to 8 pm Dinner in the hotel restaurant 8 pm to 10 pm
Secondday Breakfast in the hotel restaurant8 am to 11 am Visit the Vincennes forest11 am to 12 am Lunch in the Vincennes forest 12 am to 2 pm Visit the National library...
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