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1.0 Welcome

Welcome to AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 Service Pack 2 (formerly BPwin), which is a member of the AllFusion Modeling Suite. This file presents last-minute product information for AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 Service Pack 2 (SP2).

The other products in the AllFusion Modeling Suite are AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler (formerly ERwin), AllFusion Model Manager (formerly ModelMart)AllFusion Model Navigator, AllFusion Data Model Validator (formerly ERwin Examiner), and AllFusion Component Modeler (formerly Paradigm Plus). On occasion, you may notice that the former name of the product is still referenced in the documentation and the product. Over time, we will gradually change all references to reflect the new name, but for this release, the new and former name of theseproducts may be used interchangeably. Before you begin using this or any other AllFusion Modeling Suite product, please review the README that is installed with the product.

2.0 Installation Considerations

If you intend to share your process models with others using AllFusion Model Manager 4.1 SP2, you must install AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2 on all workstations on which the model may besaved or opened.

If you previously installed a version of BPwin 4.0 (including one of the Service Packs), the AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2 installation program will detect the presence of the previous version and automatically install the necessary files independently.

The Start menu path has changed to: Start |Programs | Computer Associates | AllFusion | Process Modeler | BPwin. Ifyou find that there are extra items in the start menu, uninstall and reinstall AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2.

If you want to preserve spell checking dictionaries that contain user additions from BPwin 4.0, do not uninstall BPwin 4.0 before installing AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2. Simply install AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2 (in a different folder than BPwin 4.0) and the spellchecking dictionaries will be copied from BPwin 4.0 to AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2 automatically.

3.0 General Considerations – AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 Service Pack 2

3.1 Support for AllFusion Model Manager 4.1 Service Pack 2

AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2 is enabled for use with AllFusion Model Manager 4.1 SP2. Refer to the AllFusion Model Manager README file and the AllFusionModel Manager Administrator Guide for installation instructions and advisory notes for using AllFusion Model Manager 4.1 SP2 with AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2.

3.2 New Sub Field Delimiter Option for Dictionary Export

When you export information from a dictionary, the Step 1 dialog of the export wizard now contains the "New Line" option in the Sub Field Delimiter group box. This option,which is also the new default option, places a new-line character at the end of each exported line of data within a single grid cell (for example, UDP list members).

3.3 STAR Solutions for AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 Service Pack 2
This service pack includes the solutions to following customer-related STAR issues:

Problem 93 – In a scenario where 2 AllFusion Process Modeler users wereconnected to AllFusion Model Manager, with one user saving off line and another user working with the same model in Model Manager. When changes to the same model were saved to AllFusion Model Manager, the AllFusion MM conflict resolution screen did not display in AllFusion Process Modeler.

Problem 94 – If you enacted no changes during the change review process in AllFusion Model Manager, amessage box appeared saying there are no changes, even if there were changes that were just not being applied.

Problem 97 – On occasion, certain diagram boxes in a Process Modeler diagram visible on the screen did not print to an HP500C printer.

Problem 98 – There was a problem when you merged AllFusion Process Modeler models that were synchronized with different AllFusion ERwin DM models. A...
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