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Overview: Spaghetti Bridge Design Project
You and a partner will be building a bridge that you designed out of spaghetti! Once you have built your bridge, we will weigh it, then we will usedestructive testing to determine your success. In reality, we want our bridges to be very strong, but easy and inexpensive to build. Therefore, your grade will be determined by: -Overall weight of yourcompleted bridge (dead load) -Weight that your bridge holds up (live load)

The team with the lightest, strongest bridge will receive the highest grade and a prize!!!!!
The lighter the better! Conserveglue and get more points!

Things To Consider: Your bridge will have four main parts. - Two sides, - a bottom (the roadway), - and a top! We will build these parts flat, and then assemble them into a3D bridge- similar to the 4 walls of a house.

This is a balsa wood bridge. It is very similar to our spaghetti version.

Safety Concerns: How To Be Successful: Work together with your partner!There is more than enough work to be done. Many hands make light work, so let’s go! Build carefully. Each piece counts. Your bridge may hold significantly more if it is symmetrical in both design andconstruction. If you have a weak side, the force of the test will crush that side first, and it will pull the good side down with it! Remember these few rules and you’ll be fine: - Hot Glue is HOT! Itburns you! - No sliding on the floor (you could fall face-first into a machine or vice) - Clean up after yourself! - Sharp tools will help you trim your spaghetti, but they will also trim yourfingers! Be aware!

Step 1: Choose a design/pattern for your truss bridge. You may use a successful design from West Point Bridge Design or an existing bridge. Step 2: Ongraph paper, draw the side view of your truss bridge. Draw it so that it is between 8 and 11 inches long and between 1.5 and 3 inches high. Step 3: On a separate sheet of graph paper, draw the top...
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