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November 30, 1996

Diablo Modem Games

Copyright (c) 1996 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, All rights reserved
For news and updates visit http://www.blizzard.com

Diablo and Battle.net are trademarksand Blizzard Entertainment
is a trademark of Davidson and Associates, Inc.


1. Playing Diablo using modem

2. Setting up a Modem game

3. Troubleshooting

1. Playing Diablo usinga modem

We recommend that you print this document for easy reference.

The Modem feature in Diablo requires an available modem that is properly configured for
Windows 95™ in order to play.Using the modem, you and another player can enter the labyrinth on your quest to destroy Diablo together.

2. Setting up a modem game

As stated above, the modem game feature requires an available,properly configured modem. With this setting up the game itself is easy:

On the system creating the game ("Host Player"):

1. Start Diablo
2. Select “Multi Player”
3. Create/Select your hero4. Select "Modem Game"
5. Select "Create Game"
6. Select a difficulty level

On the systems that will join the game:

7. Start Diablo
8. Select "Multi Player"
9. Create/Select your hero
10.Select "Modem Game"
11. Select "Enter New Number"
12. Type in the phone number of the Host Player and hit enter

At this point the system joining the game should dial the Host Player's phonenumber, connect, and join the game. Once connected, the joining player can leave and rejoin at any time.

3. Troubleshooting

I can not dial a number, or my modem will not answer the phone
It ispossible that your modem is not configured correctly or that some other software is trying to use the modem at the same time. Try closing any programs working in the background (especially any voice mailor answering machine programs). If that does not help, ensure that your modem init string is correct for your modem. Your computer or modem manufacturer will be able to help you with this.

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