Calibracion de un osciloscopio

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2011
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An oscilloscope is an electronic measuring instrument for the graphic representation of electrical signals that vary over time. It is widely used inelectronic signal, often with a spectrum analyzer.

Presents the values of electrical signals in the form of coordinates on a screen, where normally the X axis (horizontal)represents time and the Y axis (vertical) represents tensions. The image thus obtained is called the waveform.
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1. nombre
1. oscilloscope

Oscilloscope calibration
1. Place the Oscilloscope in a site good.
2. Connect the oscilloscope to a poweroutlet and on the same with the button of on/off

3. The connecting the oscilloscope probe to channel 1, also in the probe has a black cable thatshould go to GND (land), and also there is a hook on the probe that is connected to the calibration point.

4. Adjust buttons of intensity and focus forprovide better clarity and light to the screen.

5. Adjust the button of position for configure the position of screen
6. Set the modeknob vertical volts/div should be at 0.5 volts

7. Adjust of current frequency lever and leave it on direct current

8. Adjust the horizontal mode with time/divknob and put in one KHz and a period of one millisecond

9. Set the shooting mode of the signal in automatic

10. Adjust the trig mode to change thedirection of signal in positive or negative

11. Adjust the lever source and let in INT
12. After adjust the knob trig level for look the oscillation time signal
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