Calidad y confiabilidad de energia

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2012
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Supercedes TD.17.03.T.E pages 1-4, dated May 1999

Technical Data
Effective: May 2000 Page 1

Metering Devices IQ DP-4000

IQ DP-4000
Applications s Monitoring of all common electrical parameters s Optional protective alarm functions Metered/Monitored Parameters s RMS sensing s Phase currents s Volts: L-L, L-N s Power: real, reactive, apparent s Energy: real, reactive,apparent s Frequency s Power factor s % THD: Current and Voltage s Min/max values s Fixed or sliding demand windows Communications s Optional interface capability to computer network for data collection, storage and/or printout via the Cutler-Hammer PowerNet System Physical Characteristics s Large visible LED display s Height: 10.25 inches s Width: 6.72 inches s Depth:4.42 inches without PONI 5.40inches with PONI s Membrane Faceplate NEMA 3R and 12 rated Listings/Certifications s UL/CUL/CSA Listed s CE mark EN61010-1 (1993) EN50082-2 (1994) Ratings s Application to 500 kV, no PTs to 600V s CT ratios selectable from 5:5A to 12800:5A s Standard 120/600 Vac line 3-phase power supply module, 99-264 Vac or 99-275 Vdc. Two separate source power supply modules available

The IQ DP-4000 is a microprocessorbased monitoring and protective device that provides complete electrical metering and system voltage protection. In one compact, standard package the IQ DP-4000 will provide an alternative to individually mounted and wired conventional meters and switches. The new DP4000 also monitors Apparent Power (VA), Reactive Energy (Var-Hours), Apparent Energy(VA-Hours), and percent THD to provide the user with basic power quality information. The IQ DP-4000 meets and surpasses UL/CSA/CE standards. The IQ DP-4000’s rugged construction is designed to withstand harsh conditions such as temperature variations, outdoor applications, and industrial environments. The membrane faceplate pushbuttons are easy-to-use and both the parameter LED and window displaysare easily visible.

Protective/Event Alarming Undervoltage s Overvoltage s Current phase loss s Voltage phase loss s Phase reversal s Phase unbalance s Optional current and power demand threshold Retrofit Opportunities s Retrofit of existing electrical distribution systems with the IQ DP-4000 for power, quality, load, and energy monitoring.
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Mounting Flange option for application whereadditional door mounting space is required. (See TD.17.08.T.E page 2). Separate wall mounted enclosure, Enclosed IQ (See TD.17.08.T.E page 1).


Technical Data
Page 2 Effective: May 2000

Metering Devices IQ DP-4000


Historical Values s Present Demand Current (Per Phase) 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45 or 60 minute windows


Optional Current and Power Demand ThresholdPresent Demand Watts, Vars, and VA 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45 or 60 minute windows Sliding or fixed window for power Sync pulse input (Model 4100) Cutler-Hammer PowerNet broad cast demand sync Minimum and Maximum Values Current (per phase) Voltage (per phase, L-L, L-N) Watts, Vars and VA Power Factor (displacement and apparent) Frequency Peak Values Percent THD Parameters Demand ParametersDescription of Protection Functions Overvoltage Range 105% to 140% (5% increments). Undervoltage Range 60% to 95% (5% increments). Phase Unbalance Deviation between any two phases percentage of nominal line voltage preset by DIP switches. Range 5% to 40% (5% increments). Phase Reversal Any two phases become reversed for the selected delay. Voltage Phase Loss Less than 50% of the nominal line voltagedetected. Current Phase Loss Smallest phase current is less than 1/16 of the largest phase current. Delay Allows a delay before an alarm occurs. (Range 1-20 seconds in 1 second increments). Note: Unit must be powered for this to occur.

Inputs/Outputs (4100 Model) s Three form C relay outputs selectable: Trip, Alarm, kWHR pulse initiator

One synch input for kW utility demand sync
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