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Aim of the seminar:
By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:
• describe the purpose of a quality management system and to explain the 8 pinciples of quality management
• explainthe interrelation of ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 9004
• explain the role of an auditor to plan conduct, report and follow up a quality management system audit in accordance with ISO 19011

Notes forparticipants:
1 A core requirement for our approval by the IRCA (IQA, UK ), is the need for candidates to participate in
the whole five-day programme comprising at least 40 hours of lecture,workshop & study presentations. Candidates need to demonstrate their capability as prospective auditors to the tutors by developing their questioning & reasoning skills at all times. Each participantshall be required to participate actively in workshops, case studies and auditor role-playing or actual system audit situations as part of the structured class activities. At least 50% of the course timeshall be used for such activities.

2 To ensure an effective & efficient training, the course itself has a number of time allocations for specific
chapters. The training should be conducted instrict adherence to the planned training time-table. Use of mobile phones, pagers, etc which could disrupt the course is forbidden during the course.
To ensure full understanding of the course,candidates should study the ISO 9001: 2000 standard
before attending the course.

3 Candidates will be assessed continuously by our tutors over the five days & must pass this assessmentbefore the candidate is allowed to sit for the written examination. Poor time keeping during the course
shall be taken into account during the continuous assessment.

4 The second part ofthe assessment involves a written examination of two hours.
The pass mark is 70%. The only reference material allowable during examination is the standard ISO 9001, the course notes provided by GL...
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