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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2010
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Through years people has believe that quality is just making a good product with good materials, but many company executives haven’t been able to keep all their customers happy that’s because“quality doesn’t improve unless you measure it” , if your company doesn’t make a good quality control you will lose costumers and that is the worst thing that could ever happen to a company, clients are themost important piece of a organization are the ones who make the profits, that’s why some company uses theme as reference for quality by soliciting a feedback from defecting products in order tooutperform the competition.
As already said costumers are very important and fundamental for all the organizations that’s why companies must stay in a continuous improvement in order to keep the costumerloyal to its product, and as quality improves, few costumers have reasons to leave or to change their product, many companies doesn’t know the cost of losing a customer, and that is because many or themajority of the companies evaluate customers based just on the current period cost instead and ignoring the expected cash flow over a customer’s lifetime, “the longer a company keeps a customer, themore money it stands to make” .
Knowing the customer is essential and very useful, by having some information about your customers you can get experience and serve them more efficiently, whencompanies with long time customer have developed a loyal relation it may and can charge more for their products or services off course if there is a good quality, that’s because in most of the cases customersprefers paying more for a product that the know and have been using for a long time that paying less for a cheaper one that may not have the same quality.
Trying to eliminate all the defects is veryhard because there is always something that must be improved, and that information is given by the unsatisfied costumers who can provide information to make the company improve. Other important...
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