Cambio climatico

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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Climate change

The climate change is not a new phenomenon in itself since the climate is a very complex and dynamic system that has changed a lot throughout the history of theEarth. Nevertheless in the last decades it has acquired a clear human connotation since they have been human and not natural reasons those that have accelerated this processcausing devastating effects.

The climatic change is the response of the nature to the increase of greenhouse effect gases, as the carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere. This concentrationis due to the burning of fossil fuels and to the intensive deforestation of the Earth. The outward expression of this phenomenon is the global warming of the earth’s crust thatwill provoke great variations of the climatic parameters: rainfalls, temperature, etc. It will lead to big dangers for the future. One of the most worrying dangers refers to theresources of fresh water because, although a global increase of the rainfalls is predicted, these will not be distributed in a uniform way so that they will be concentrated in certainareas of the planet. Other regions, on the contrary, will be lashed by droughts that will affect its societies and economies.

To face this problem, the main step would be toslow down the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to stop the deforestation and improve the efficiency of both the cars and energeticuse of the industries. Likewise it must be stimulated the investigation and development of new less pollutants sources of energy. Nevertheless, to reach these aims it is ofparamount importance a venture which involves all the countries since it is a question of global problem in which the whole society, as “co-owners” of the Earth, should be implicated.
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