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The country's strongest attraction is undoubtedly its natural heritage more than two million lakes, hundreds of parks and spectacular mountains.
In winter, the hobby is skiing. In summer the weatheris hot, and is dedicated to outdoor activities: sailing water skiing, tennis, golf.
One of the most spectacular festival is the hot air balloons Québec.
Toronto is Canada's largest city. In Torontoyou'll find everything: bars, discotheques, concerts, theater, fashion boutiques in the country, hockey, basketball and professional baseball. An hour and a half are Niagara Falls and Ontario'scasinos
In Quebec, highlights the colorful carnival during the month of February. For eleven days, the city becomes a walking holiday. Are made ice sculpture competitions, canoe races on the St. LawrenceRiver and other contests related to the snow. The Rideau Canal (Ottawa), the largest ice rink in the world, celebrates Winterlude, a festival that includes a wide range of activities such as balloonrides or ice ballet.
Currently Quebec Winter Carnival is the largest carnival in the world and is held annually in late January to mid February.
The Quebec Winter Carnival began when the inhabitantsof New France, now Quebec, there was a rowdy tradition to meet before Lent to eat, drink and be merry.
Most of all Carnival events is outdoors, so be sure to pack and dress appropriately. You canalways take layers off, but if you or your children are not hot enough, it can ruin the day.

Welcome to the "Hôtel de Glace" Every winter, from January to March, is repeated inescapable touristexperience about Quebec City in Canada: the Hôtel de Glace "[Ice Hotel].
Imagine sleeping in a hotel made with the purest natural resources: the ice and snow with the walls covered with original artworkand furniture carved out of ice blocks! The hotel has 36 rooms and wonderful, a famous ice room, the magnificent chapel, a huge hallway with the candles lit by fiber optics, two interior courtyards,...
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