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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2011
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Letra de I need you

If it is the rain of every day
that has increasedits level
the music has not the same
effect that used to have before.

Maybe I've learned so much
in so little and so short time
that I don't even know what language I speak
or what's myposition in
this game of life

I feel like I've lost all forces now
to jump and grab the sun
and no matter how much I try
I can't listen to my own voice.

I don't know if I've lived ten thousanddays
or one day ten thousand times
and I add you to my history
wanting to change what I've lost
for something better

I need you, I really need you my love
wherever you are now
I needall your love
I need you, I really need you my love
'cuz you are part of me
I need you right here
'cuz I can't live without you
I haven't learned it...

And I feel lost like I'm lost
as aneedle in the middle of the sea
as the moving sands
I submerge
among my loneliness

I don't know if I have lived
ten thousand days

letra daddy´s little girl

|He drops his suitcase by thedoor |
|She knows her daddy won't be back anymore|
|She drags her feet across the floor |
|Tryin to hold back timeto keep him holding on |
|And she says|
| |
|[Pre Chorus:]...
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