Caracteristicas del desierto

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Characteristics of Deserts
• There are different types of deserts ranging from hot and dry deserts to cold deserts.
Deserts have wide variations of plant and animal life from desert to desert.• One of the main characteristics of a desert is that a desert receives very little
precipitation throughout the year.

• Deserts will often be extremely hot during the day and at night thetemperature will fall
40 - 50 degrees or more. The reason for this is that there is little evaporation in the
atmosphere to block sunlight during the day and at night allows heat to escape easilySahara Desert - Click here for a map estimate of the Sahara Desert

• World's Largest Hot Desert.
• Located in North Africa.
• Boundaries are: the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean tothe north, and the Red Sea to the east.
• Temperatures range from over 130 degrees to below freezing.
• Some of the animals of the Sahara include Dromedary Camels, Fennec
Foxes, the Addax, DamaGazelles and Saharan Horned Vipers.

Sonoran Desert - Click here for a map estimate of the Sonoran Desert

• Located in parts of California, Arizona and northern Mexico.
• The Saguaro Cactus,pictured to the right, is located in the Sonoran
• The Sonoran is the hottest of the deserts in the United States, but
contains much more plant life than the conditions of the Sahara willallow.
• Some of the animals of the Sonoran include the Sonoran Desert Toad,
the Desert Bighorn Sheep, the Cactus Wren, the Pronghorn Antelope
and the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.

AtacamaDesert - Click here for a map estimate of the Atacama Desert

• Located in parts of Chile.
• Receives very little, if any, rain. Some areas of the Atacama have not
had recorded rainfall in hundredsof years.
• Plant and animal life are extremely scarce. Bacteria may even have a
difficult time surviving in the harsh conditions here.
• Described as the driest place on earth.
• Very...