Caracteristicas Del Ecosistema De Bosque Templado Deciduo

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Canada (pronounced / kænədə / and French / kanada /) is a federal constitutional monarchy in America, located in the far north of North America. It stretches from the AtlanticOcean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and north to the Arctic Ocean, sharing border with the United States to the south and northwest Alaska with their status. It is the second largestcountry in the world after Russia, and also the northernmost. Occupies about half of North America.
The land occupied by Canada was inhabited by various groups of Aboriginal people for millennia.From the late fifteenth century, British and French expeditions numerous along explored, and later settled, along the Atlantic coast. France ceded nearly all of its colonies in North America in 1763after the French and Indian War.
Canada is an industrial nation and pioneering technologically advanced, largely self-sufficient in energy due to its relatively large deposits of fossil fuels and nuclearpower generation wide and hydropower. Being one of the most developed countries, has a diversified economy, making it independent of its large deposits and abundant natural resources and trade,particularly with the United States and Mexico. Currently a member of the OAS, G-8, G-20, NATO, OECD, WTO, APEC, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Francophone and the United Nations. It is considered one ofthe countries with the best quality of life.

Currency: Canadian Dollar

Typical food in Canada:

Canadian food is characterized by rich agriculture, opening endless possibilities for thecuisine, and each region has its own traditional dishes and specialties. For example in Quebec French influence is felt in their dishes as Tourtiéres, a meat pie and pea soup or French Poutine, which arechips with salsa and cottage cheese.

On the island of Nova Scotia can find tastier and recondite dishes based on fish, a typical food of this area is the Solomon Gundy is made ​​based raw herring...
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