Career project

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Chapter 14
Explore Majors and Careers
Career Project

Research the job you want once you graduate from a four-year college or university. Prepare a minimum of a three-pagereport to include the following topics. Make each topic a paragraph with a side heading. A side heading is typed in bold at the left margin using initials capital letters.Double space before and after each side heading. Use Calibri 12 point for the body of the report. (10 points)

1. State the job title and why you want this career.
2. Which degreeand/or experience are required for the career?
3. Which college/university will you be going to earn this degree? What are the entrance requirements for the college/university?4. What will it cost to attend this college/university?
a. Tuition
b. Books and materials
c. Dorm fees
d. Transportation
5. What part of the country offers the bestopportunities for this job?
6. What is the earning potential for this job (include regional, state, and national earning opportunities).
a. Use the Salary Information linkon the Career Services home page.
b. How do you plan to pay for your education?
7. Prepared a bibliography using APA style and citing at least three sources.

Include thefollowing in your project:
8. Career Cruising Assessment.
a. Stop by the Career Services Office to register for the Assessment.
b. Print the assessment and include in yourCareer Project packet.
9. A resume (use the Microsoft Word Basic Resume template).

10. Prepare a cover sheet that includes:

a. EDUC 1300 – Mastering Academic Excellence(press Enter 4 times)
Career Project (press Enter 8 times)
Name (press 4 times)
Class Time (double space)

b. Use Calibri 14 point; center vertically and horizontally.
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