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2009 applIcatIon GuIde

Includes competItIve makes

Note: Part numbers and applications are subject to change without notice.


cloGGed FIlteRs cost tHe customeRs moneY
mopaR FIlteRs

Mopar Filters are designed using Chrysler Engineering specifications, which means they can help maintain peak engine efficiency and performance.

1. Internally lubricated seal Gasket– Seal gasket
is internally lubricated to provide better torque removal and easy replacement.

2. anti-drain Back valve – Anti-drain back valve helps
prevent dry starts. High heat-resistant “nitriles” in the valve help improve functionality and anti-drain back performance.

3. maximum dirt Retention – Engineered with high
dirt retention capacity for longer service intervals and severe drivingconditions.

4. adhesive-Filled double lock seam – Adhesive-filled
double lock seam can withstand pressures up to 300 p.s.i.

5. Fluted case – Fluted case allows easy installation
and removal.

Regular oil filter replacement is important to remove abrasive particles that can cause engine wear. Oil filters should be changed according to mileage intervals listed in the owner’s manual, ormore frequently when the vehicle is constantly put through stop-and-go traffic, short trips or dusty conditions. The best opportunity for selling filters is at the time of an oil change or engine tune-up. The customer is likely to be most interested in the needs of his or her vehicle at these times. Look for a “Lube Sticker” showing the date or mileage of the last filter change.
NOTE: To determinethe correct engine application on Chrysler, Ford or GM products manufactured between 1995 and 2009, use the 8th character on the VIN plate.


passenGeR caRs
model YeaR 2008 2007 enGIne 3.8L, 4.0L 4.0L oIl 04105409AC 05281090 05281090 05281090 MD353795 05281090 aIR 05510026AA 05510026AA 05510026AA 05510026AA MB906051 MB906051 MB906051 04882141AB 04882141AB 04882141AB 04882141AB 04882141AB04882141AB 04882141AB 04882141AB 04882141AB 04891916AA 04891916AA 05011836AA 05011836AA 05011836AA 05011836AA 05011836AA 05011836AA 05011836AA 04891926AA 04891713AA 04891926AA 04882141AB 04882141AB 04882141AB 05019002AA 05037615AA 05037615AA Fuel Not Serviced Not Serviced Not Serviced Not Serviced MR188221 MR188221 MR188221 04764210 04764210 04764210 04764210 04764210 04764210 04897244AA 04897244AA04897244AA 68039537AA 68039537AA Not Serviced Not Serviced Not Serviced Not Serviced 04897866AA 04897866AA 04897866AA Not Serviced Not Serviced Not Serviced 04764210 04764210 04897244AA Not Serviced Not Serviced Not Serviced pcv value 04792962AA 04648973AA 04648973AA 04792962AA MD183547 04777240 MD024719 04777240AC 04777240 MD183547 04777240AC 04777240 04777240 04777240 MD183547 0477724005047002AA 04792962AA 04792962AA 04777240AD 04792649AA 04884249AA 04792649AA 04884249AA 04792649AA 05047002AA 04792962AA 05047002AA MD183547 04777240 MD183547 04792962AA 53032940AB 05037831AA tRansmIssIon 4.0L 68018555AA 3.8L 04864505AB 68018555AA 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB MD735572 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB04864505AB 68018555AA 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 4-Spd. 04864505AB 6-Spd. 06801855AA 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 04864505AB 52852913AB 52108316AA 52108325AA 52108304AA 52108316AA 52108325AA caBIn aIR 82205905 82205905 82205905 82205905 — — — — — — — — — — — — 05058693AA 05058693AA — — — — — — — 05058693AA 05058693AA 05058693AA — — — — — —pacIFIca (cs)

2007–2005 3.8L 2006–2004 3.5L 2000–1997 2.5L 1999–1996 2.0L

seBRInG coupe, avenGeR, talon (FJ)

1998–1997 2.0L Turbo 05142416AA cIRRus, stRatus, BReeZe (Ja) 2000 2000 1999 1998 1997 1997 2.0L 2.4L 2.0L 2.0L 2.0L 2.5L 04105409AC 04105409AC 05281090 04105409AC 04105409AC 04105409AC 04105409AC 05281090 04105409AC 04884900AB 04892339AA 05281090 04105409AC 05281090 04105409AC...
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