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Schleiden discovered that cells and substances produced by cells produced the plants structure and growrh.
Schwann made a similar conclusion with animal cells.
Virchow concluded, with hrlp of theprevious cientists a cell theory when concluding that every cell came from another cell.
Cell theory:
- Every organisms is made at least by one cell
- The most little living thing is a unicellularorganism, the bigger ones are made up by more tnah one (multicelullarity)
- Every cell come from another cell.
A cell, for surviving, have to obtain energy and nutrient from the environment they areliving on, synthesize certain proteins and produce wastes. Also cells, for the continuity of life, have to interact with other cells and reproduce.
Because of cell´s function, the size can not belarge. Cells for exchanging nutrients and wastes, have to do it by their external membrane.
Relationships between the diverse cells:
- The plasma membrane encloses the cell and allows interactionsbetween the cell and its environment: This membrane is consist of a double layer with certain molecules to protein the inner part. Also this membrane is supported by the cytoskeleton. There are threemain functions of the plasma membrane and these are to isolate the inner part of the cell from the environment, to regulate the flow of entering and exiting of materials throughout the cell, and toallow the contact of the cell with other cells.
- All cells contains cytoplasm: the cutoplasm is all the inner part of the cell, includinf the fluid and the structures of it (the only part that is notcytoplasm is the inner part of the nucleus). The fluid of cytoplasm, called cytoplasmic fluid, is made of water, salts, and different organic molecules such as proteins, lipids, and sugars. Most of theactivities made by the cell are made in the cytoplasm.
- All cells use DNA as a hereditary blueprint and RNA to copy the blueprint and guide construction: Every cell contains genetic material...