Ceramic recycling

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  • Publicado : 16 de octubre de 2010
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Lindsey Alejandra Quintero Sierra CC. 1035224126


In Colombia the recycling is a very new tool to make different products; a lot of companies have beendoing campaigns to improve the recycling skills on people. But still there are too many failures to do it, especially recycling things that we used normally in our lives, such as ceramics.

In Toki,Japan; a company of ceramics starts to recycle this product, but “breaking” it in small pieces until it gets its original shape ;( the one who has in its natural state). Then it’s combined with clayto make new pieces, with almost 50% of recycle material; to be selling with the same quality of any piece that is completely made of new clay.1

The people in this town not always separate paper,plastic, glass; but now they are separated ceramics too, those who break and not longer are available, to be given to these recycling companies and use it; the ceramics made with recycling materials hasbecome in a new source of income for this town.

The propose in this paper is to recycle ceramics in Colombia, because this way not just is possible to create new jobs but is possible to stop usingall natural resources, this way not to make more contamination.

The only difference between the recycling process and the traditional process, is that in the recycling process is necessary tocrush this old ceramics into small pieces in several times until it gets a shape similar to its original form; this process is not to difficult to make, only needs another machine besides the ones whoalready are used to process the clay. This other machine is like a “mixer”, is not too hard to build, it just needs to do the right mathematical calculations by using tensors and using the rightmaterials; a kind of job that a bioengineer do.

Ones the machine is made the next step are to use it, put into it the old and broken ceramics, and to crush them; ones it gets the perfect size it just...
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