Recycling water

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Development of a proposal for a design that implements an integrated system of treated domestic wastewater, identifying a continuous manner, issues of greater attention and importance to the success criteria for its implementation, in homes built and/or in building design, which are in locations close to or away from the water supply and a power source.


Dueto the crisis caused by ecological and economic problems, Mexican society is forced to live in an environment no suitable. That is why our process is designed to treat the liquid that is used commonly in a bathroom in a home and thus can be reused. This seeks to:

* Raise awareness about the rapid depletion of this resource.
* Improve the condition of human life in an ecological manner.* Protection, treatment and management of liquid resources in an economic way.
* The first investment will be half cost but long term this will become a thrifty and economical.


Hydrodynamics: studies fluids in motion; Hydrostatic: study fluids at rest; Viscosity: resistance of a fluid to flow; Cohesion: force of attraction between molecules, Adhesion: theforce of attraction between molecules of 2 substances; Density: mass contained by unit volume, Hydrostatic Pressure: force originated in the liquid on the bottom and sides of containing it; Expenditure: relationship between volume and time of the flowing fluid, Flow: The amount of mass of the liquid flowing through a pipeline; Torricelli's Theorem: the rate at which fluid exits through a hole indeeper; Electrostatics: electric charges at rest, electrodynamics, electrical charges in motion; Conductive materials: those who electrified the whole surface; Electric Field Strength: Relation between strength and value of the load, Electric Potential: the work needed to transport the cargo unit, Electrical resistance: a driver's opposition to current flow, Electric Potential: speed with which workis done, Porous Media Filter: pre material layer, granular or fibrous substances that allow the formation of a semipermeable layer, which are retained flocs heterogeneous phases, Germicidal UV Light: germicidal electromagnetic radiation, is the ability to produce alterations in unicellular organisms; Pumps: hydraulic machine, which transforms the energy that is actuated, hydraulic fluid energy.* DEVELOPMENT:
* Structure: Angle Steel with unequal sides (2” x 1 1/2”), Electrode (200ª Electric Welding), Wood PLYWOOD, Drop head screws (3/8 x 3”), Nut/Washer (3/8), Tin Solder.
* Pipe, Unions, Reducers and storages: PVC, CPVC, Rubber, Borosilicate Glass, od different sizes (1/2”, 3/4”, 2”,3 1/4”), Cement pipe, Storages of 50 liters.
* Filters: Sediment, SilicaSand, Activated Carbon and Felt.
* Polymers (PO): Flocculant: (silicates) 1% Xelera 7055x15, Coagulant: (silicates) 0.1% Xelera 9700, Defoamer: (silicates).
* Electricity: Hydraulic Pump ¼ HP (120ACV), Shaker water (120ACV, 20W, 1.8A), Ultra-Violet Germicidal Lamp (120ACV, 30W), Cable Duplex for 120ACV rugged, UTP cable (RJ-45), Phenolic Perforated Card, Switches (Commutater and Slider) LED's(Light Emitting Diode), Resistors (47Ω + / -5%), Voltage Transformer (120ACV-9DCV), Battery (12DCV) Inverter Voltage (12DCV-115ACV, 600W, 30A), Solar Panel (15.5DCV, 2.6 W, 0.17A), Wind Turbine (12-24 DCV, 400W) Dynamo (12 DCV, 400W).

* METHOD: The method is divided into a 4-phase process

* Phase 1: Distribution
Providing main water storage (in this case a cistern or water tank)normally distributed to a bathroom, comprising washbasin, shower and toilet.
a) The water main water storage (AAP) is distributed to the inputs (E1 to E3).
b) Unions and Divisions:
1. The output (S1) and (S6) is addressed directly to the drain (D1).
2. The output (S2) is conducted into the pot cespol (BC).
3. The output (S3) is directed into the trap...
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