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  • Publicado : 18 de noviembre de 2010
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Chan Chan
Domenico Storino De Marzo

They people thought that in the walls where treasures..
Attack of school to Huaca Chan Chan mainly damaged friezeover a thousand years old
The damage caused by a school in a wall of Huaca del Dragon, in the archaeological complex of Chan Chan Trujillo, may be restored without a problem

In the course of timeChan Chan images have been blurred by the rain so they put up tents to protect it.
Water supply
The water supply in Chan Chan was conducted through more than 140 wells, where 60% was in the historicarea (towns) and 12% in the suburbs (elite and marginal), but there lived more 90% of the total population.
Importance of Chan Chan
Archaeological importance
This archaeological site has a totalarea of approximately 20 square kilometers, so it is considered the largest mud city in the world, and, unlike other ruins near the coast is extremely close to the Pacific Ocean.
Cultural andpolitical importance
Chan Chan was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 and was included on the List of World Heritage in Danger, due to the threat posed by the erosion caused by the naturalphenomenon of El Niño, which cause heavy rains and flooding on the Peruvian coast.
Importance of tourism
Tourists who go to Chan Chan, Palacio Tschudi mainly visit, which is considered the largestfortress in this place, and that shows in his prints the importance and the cult that he surrendered to the water culture Chimu.
Chan chan
Chan Chan cultural importance and structure
Structure.About what was build it?
All Chan Chan was made of “Quincha” (mud with reeds).
What they built it?
They Use elements that were near, they use the “Quincha”, the Chimu culture built citadels,plataforms, ramps, flats , firewall etc.

The decoration
The decorations were did by molds. The decoration was by geometric combinations and common representations of fishes an birds.
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