Chapter 1 section 4 reinforcement

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How are living things classified?

Directions: Answer the following questions using information from the textbook.
1. Why don’t scientists use commonnames to identify organisms?

2. Why are scientific names important? Give four functions for scientific names. a.

3. Are the leaves of Betula populifolia hairy or smooth on the lower surface? 4.How many pairs of veins are on the leaves of Betula lenta? 5. What is a characteristic of the bark of Betula alleghaniensis?

6. When a twig of Betula nigra is broken, does it give off awintergreen fragrance?

28 Exploring and Classifying Life

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Meeting Individual Needs

b. c. d.

Directions: Use the keyto species of birch trees below to answer the questions that follow.
Key to Species of Birch Trees
1. a. b. 2. a. b. 3. a. b. 4. a. b. 5. a. b. 6. a. b. 7. a. b. 8. a. b. 9. a. b. bark dark,reddish-brown, yellowish-brown to black, go to 2 bark creamy white, pinkish, or gray, go to 6 bark and twigs with wintergreen fragrance when cut, go to 3 bark and twigs without a fragrance when cut, go to 5leaves with 8-12 pairs of veins, go to 4 leaves with 4-6 pairs of veins, Betula uber bark dark red to almost black; scales smooth, 6-12 mm long, Betula lenta bark reddish brown, peeling in loose,ragged sheets, scales hairy, 5-7 mm, Betula alleghaniensis branchlets covered near tip with many small glands, Rocky Mountains or Western Canada, Betula occidentalis branchlets smooth, shiny, no glandspresent, eastern U.S., Betula nigra leaves hairy on lower surface, go to 7 leaves smooth, hairless underside, go to 8 leaves 5-13 cm long, pointed tip, Betula papyrifer leaves 3-7 cm long, pointed tip,winter buds shiny, Betula pendula bark dull gray to grayish-white, smooth and not peeling, Betula populifolia bark white to pinkish-white, peeling, go to 9 leaves 6-10 cm, round base, Betula caerulea...
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