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Guideline Checklists for Fagan Inspection

1 Checklist for Inspection Moderators


1. Do you understand the purpose of inspections in general?
2. Do you understand why this particular inspection is being held?
3. Can you be objective on the subject of the inspection?
4. Have you ever participated in an inspection as reviewer or reviewee?
5. Do youhave any personal difficulties with any of the reviewers that might interfere with your ability to lead the inspection?


1. Is the product ready for inspection?
2. Is all relevant material in your possession?
3. Have all relevant material being distributed on time?
4. Have all the reviewers received the material?
5. Have the reviewers confirmed theiracceptance of the schedule?
6. Have the conference room be scheduled?
7. Have arrangements been made for the necessary equipment?

During the inspection

1. Are all participants well prepared?
2. Is there agreement on the objective of the inspection?
3. Are all the participants contributing?
4. Is the inspection well paced?
5. Is interest waning?
6. Have everyonebeen heard?
7. Has anyone tuned out?
8. Has someone (such as the producer) swayed people with emotional arguments or smooth presentations?
9. Is the agreement on the outcome of the presentation?
10. Is the agreement truly understood by all participants?


1. Was the inspection successful?
2. Did it reach a workable conclusion?
3. Was anybodyresponsible, if the inspection was not successful?
4. Is the report prompt and accurate?
5. Are all participants satisfied with the outcome?
6. Did a product get a fair and adequate treatment?
7. Does the product group have a fair and reasonable basis for clearing up the issues?
8. Have all relevant people received the appropriate information?
9. Have the producers and participantsprofited from the inspection?
10. What can you do to make the next inspection better?
11. Has the required inspection data been gathered and recorded?
12. Have all identified problems been resolved or management informed?

2 Checklist for Recorders


1. Do you understand the purpose of inspection in general?
2. Do you understand why this particularinspection is being held?
3. Do you understand the jargon used and the formats used in this material?
4. Are you able to communicate with the type of people who will be in the inspection?
5. Can you be objective on the subject of the inspection?
6. Have you ever participated in an inspection as a reviewer or as a reviewee?


1. Can you identify, by name, theinspection leader and other participants?
2. Have you arrange your schedule to allow time for the inspection?
3. Have you allow time for the work you will have to do after the inspection?
4. Do you have the materials necessary for keeping an accurate record in the proper formats?
5. Do you have the resources available to carry out your job, during and after the inspection?

Duringthe inspection

1. Do you understand what an issue is?
2. Are you recording all issues?
3. Are you recording things that aren’t really issues?
4. Are your notes accurate reflections of the comments?
5. Are you making a flip chart or other visible record of the issues?
6. Do your detailed notes actually correspond to the flip chart abbreviations?
7. Do you have copies ofany supplementary material introduced as a part of any issue?
8. How much of your report consists of editorial commentary?
9. Is the requirements stated explicitly or unambiguously?
10. Are the issues recorded in neutral language?


1. Was the report promptly prepared?
2. Was it accurate?
3. Was the report properly reviewed and signed?
4. Was it...
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